Aflevering 4

Topics: Valentine's Day, Love Pages: 3 (555 words) Published: December 28, 2014
1. Honesty is the best policy
- Man kan ikke sige ''is being'', fordi is er nutid, og being er ing-formen af grundformen to be ( at være ) 2. I go to school by bus every morning
- Ing form på adverbie bruges ikke i denne sammenhæng
3. When I am visiting him he smokes all the time
- Manglende ing form på adverbium
4. I believe what they say even though is sounds ridiculous - Det er simpel tid, Så derfor fjernes am og ing-formen på believe 5. She was sleeping when I came to see her
- Udvidet tid, der er fokus på at hun sov da han kom, derfor tilføjes was og ing-form på slep 6. I heart what he said, but I didn't really pay attention
- Simpel tid, fokus er ikke på tiden så was fjernes og ing-formen fjernes også og skiftes ud med hear i datid 7. What are you doing? - I am trying to do my homework
- Udvidet tid, så am og ing-form tilføjes til sætningen
1. Where are you? - I'm in here. I am writing a Valentine card - Write = am writing, udvidet tid.
2. February 14 is Valentine's Day where romantics are exchanging tokens of love. This token is usually a card. - Be = is, tredjeperson ental. Exchange = exchanging, udvidet tid, så are tilføjes også. Be = is, tredjeperson ental 3. The tradition goes back to the third century. A Christian martyr. St Valentine awaited execution. Just before he died he sent a letter of thanks to the warden's daughter who treated him kindly. He signed it '' from your Valentine'' . - Go = goes, tredjeperson ental. Await = awaited, datidsform. Die = died, datidsform. Send = sent, datidsform. Treat = treated, datidsform. Sign = signed, datidsform. 4. In the 19th century Valentine cards became very popular. - Become = became, datidsform.

5. At the beginning of this century the fashion changed. People thought they too often got silly, unwelcome cards and the custom nearly died out. - Change = changed, datidsform. Think = thought, datidsform. Get = got, datidsform. Die out = died out, datidsform. 6. Nowadays...
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