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Women have been fixing themselves up to look glamorous for quite a while now. Whether it’s to impress a guy or walk down a run way, the reasons are endless. When looking at magazines there are different ads for styles of makeup. Makeup is one of the few things that are world-wid. Even before make up products were sold the Greeks and Native American tribes would paint their faces with natural paints such as plant pigments or crushed minerals mixed in saps, oils, or muds. This was usually done for special rituals and outings. This means about 6,000 years ago women just like us were painting their faces for the same reason women put make up on now. Be honest, Women aren’t going to put makeup on to sit at home by themselves. What is it about makeup advertisements that make women want to get dolled up?

Makeup can be a form of self- expression and character. What’s especially interesting about makeup is that it’s one of the only forms of expressions primarily for women. Even fashion is becoming a more prominent way for men to express themselves. For the most part, makeup has remained just for women. It’s the idea that has paved the way many of the sexist assumptions that get made about a women wearing makeup, They think that she’s only doing it for make attention, that she’s only interested in looking hot, or that without makeup she feels worthless and unattractive.

One of the top reasons women wear makeup is to enhance their natural beauty and be more physically attractive. If a woman has pretty eyes, she may use eyeliner to make them stand out more. She may also apply mascara to her eyelashes to make them appear longer and fuller, further calling attention to the natural beauty of her eyes. Some women even wear makeup just because it’s fun to look a little different every once on a while. Women also wear makeup because it gives them confidence. The first thing a person usually notices is a women’s face. If it has been enhanced with skillfully applied make...
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