Advertisements and its influence on individualism

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Advertisements and its influence on individualism

Individualism is a situation where people from a common society differ in interests, generally this individuals tend to lack something in common with other individuals. Identity in/as control shows how advertising has influenced people into thinking that they can take control of the uncontrollable. This aspect of identity in and as control, has promoted individualism. Analysis showing that stay in control contains elements of individualism In the second exemplar, the advert shows how people can take control of their hair. In the advert, a beautiful woman portrays how she can be in control, only through plain talk but later in the advert, we see a hair expert explaining how to be in control. The expert uses facts to justify how individuals can be able to maintain their hair in the most decent and caring manner. The woman also to change her hairstyle the way she wants and this is because she has control over it. In this advert, there is an example of individualism portrayed by the woman. The woman has confidence that she can be in control of her hair even without having to consult others. The woman in the advert relies on herself and this is an evident example of individualism. The advert is showing how the company is caring for individual hair in a professional manner so that as their hair deserves extra care. This advert attracts more audience as it is so appealing to the readers hence achieving the intended purpose of advertisement (Johnson, 2009). It is evident that principles of big ideas are used to show individualism in this advert.

Exercise two

The advert above shows a picture of a lovely young girl enjoying the taste of lollypop. The young girl has a smile in her face showing that she is enjoying every bit and part of the lollypop. It is evident that this advert is mainly targeting small children and thus it is...

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