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Ethical Issues in Advertising
Ethical Advertising means doing what the advertiser and the advertiser’s peers believe is morally right in a given situation. Social responsibility means doing what the society views as best for the welfare of the people in general or for a specific community of people. Together, ethics and social responsibility can be seen as the moral obligation of advertisers not to violate our basic economic assumptions even when there is no legal obligation. Advertising is defined as a paid non personal communication about an organisation and its products that is transmitted to a target audience through a mass medium. Advertising is widely criticized due to exaggerated claims, outright falsehoods, lack of taste, irritating repetition and offensive character. Advertising promotes the culture of consumerism, and manipulates human motivations and desires and develops a need for goods with which the public has been unfamiliar at one point of time. Major Controversies in Advertising

The Tobacco Advertising Controversy
While tobacco is a legal product, the harm created by smoking ends up killing or disabling more than half a million people annually. In 1998, a landmark judgement was passed on the marketing activities undertaken by tobacco companies which banned them from using any form of outdoor advertising such as posters, bill boards, sponsorship of events, advertising to children. The Issue of Advertising to children

Advertising to children poses different challenges. It promotes superficiality and excessive materialism among them. Children those belonging to the age group of 2-11 on an average they watch about 21.5 hrs of Television per week. Children are inexperienced and hence they are easily lured into advertisements. It promotes persuasiveness among children and this can create child parent conflicts. While most children and parents jointly make decisions, children use their pester power to get parents to buy them products by getting...
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