Advantages of Shopping Online

Topics: Adolescence, Peer group, Bullying Pages: 1 (375 words) Published: April 1, 2013
Teenage drug abuse is widespread and getting worse every day throughout Canada. Both on the streets and in schools nationwide, thousands of teenagers are given opportunities to experiment with drugs. According to recent reports, the average age at which Canadian teenagers first experiment with drugs is age 14. Despite education programs aimed at prevention, teen drug abuse continues to be a growing problem. This teen drug problem occurs for a number of causes including low self-esteem, lack of parental guidance, and peer pressure. One major contributing cause of drug abuse in the teen population is low self-esteem. In this moment of their life, the adolescents are more sensitive to the impact of drugs, so they take more risks and don’t think about the consequences. The drugs make them feel powerful, teens who starting to use drugs sometimes believes that will make them better them other, and they will get everything. Besides these points, the combination of drugs and low self-esteem, in a negative way, contribute to teenagers escape from the reality, it’s an option to supress the problems that they are passing through. Another main cause of teen drug abuse in Canada is lack of parental guidance. In many families, both parents work outside the home, so the kids stay a lot of time alone, and also the parents often don’t have time to pay attention to their children’s needs, so parents may not be aware of the warning signs that their children show, even when they are clear and obvious. As well as low self-esteem and lack of parental guidance, desire to be accepted by peers often leads teenagers into drug abuse. They want to be seen as “cool”, because that way they can fit into a group, and don’t feel alone or less important. This make them want “instant” friends, so they can feel part of something. In conclusions, a lack of self-respect, negligent families, and influential peers are all causes that contribute to expansion of using drugs in an abusive way by...
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