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Advantages and Disadvantages of Science

By Siddak Jul 12, 2012 453 Words
We have come to the stage that we can’t live now without science. To realise the importance of science, just put off the main switch for some time during the night and see what it looks like. Without light or fan we can’t manage a single minute.

Similarly, every move of ours made easy with the help of science. As far as die advantage of science, one can go 011 write a long list. It need not he elaborated. Any kiddies in the school can quote at least ten numbers of the plus points of it. But, like a coin that has two sides, science has its own disadvantages too, especially, when it comes to Nuclear weapons that can kill thousands in no time.

An article appeared in ‘The Times of India’ on Monday, dated April 20, 2009 (Page # 14) says that, new research suggests the Chinese nuclear tests alone claimed 190,000 lives from 1964 to 1996.

This was due to the disease linked to radiation. This did not come to surface as the atomic bombs caused destruction on Hiroshima and Nagasaki in die World War II about which we have studied in the history. If it is not for the war and modern weapon, science renders an unparalleled helping hand to all of us.

India is far behind in die field of science. America had explored the moon 40 years ago. But now only we have sent a rocket, ‘Chandrayan’ that orbits around die moon at some distance. Any way, it is a progress to India.

However, one cannot overlook the fact that the same Indian born scientist Mr. Chandrasekhar had achieved a great feat in the United States of America. If so, why should we trail behind?

The reason for this is due to bureaucracy in the government functioning. An analytical scientist in countries like US and UK is given free hand, where as the ill-fated situation here is politics and the hard and fast rules prevalent!

A scientist, who has to have a scratch pad to jot down something needs to submit his stationery request card to his higher ups for ‘approval & countersign’, which again will come under the scrutiny of the issuing authority for his sanctioning of the same.

There are many such ‘man-made’ barriers in India. Unless India reforms herself by shedding these practices, our country will continue to trail far behind the other nations. And the vexed scientists will have no other alternative than opting to immigrate to foreign countries.

Will this situation ever change? It is said that changes are constant, but the bureaucracy prevailing in India is an exemption to this rule. It will never change, unless our politicians change themselves!

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