Advanced Audio Coding and Walkman

Topics: Advanced Audio Coding, Compact Disc, Digital audio Pages: 2 (708 words) Published: April 7, 2012
Technology has played an important in part in market and in the society. It has brought positive as well as negative changes. The progression from sheet music to the invention of a phonograph to the walkman, CD player and the iPod has created a modernized society. People tend to move along with these changes creating a market. The idea of transferring digital music to your iPod without purchase of a CD or an audiotape may seem like an extraordinary idea but the idea of digital music has led to the downloading of illegal music. The Walkman may have been the turning point in the music recording industry. It was a chain reaction for later products such as the iPod and the CD player.

Long before the iPod made its way into the market making millions; the Walkman was the trendy technology. Sony introduced the Walkman in the 1970s, a new invention that led to be a massive hit. Sony ended up selling around fifty thousand pieces by the end of two months after its release. Eventually, other famous brands such as Toshiba and Panasonic entered the walkman market creating a market in the early 1980s. Surprisingly, the production of the Walkman led to an increase in physical activities. This portable device could be carried anywhere and had a hook to attach to any item of clothing. People started exercising more as one can listen to his or her choice of music while working out especially in gymnasiums. This brought a change in the society as people began to implement physical training more often. This also had a disadvantage since people who had their headphones plugged in tend to be more indifferent to their surroundings. This created an environment, where everyone is tuned in into their little environment being oblivious to what is happening around them. With the creation of walkman, the sale of digital audio tapes also increased. As iPods are the 21st century popular forms of music player technology, the walkman was the latest thing. This generation became more ‘wired’...
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