Adolescent vs Senior Citizen

Topics: Adolescence, The Adolescents, Full-time Pages: 5 (1510 words) Published: March 8, 2009
Psychology 312-Spring 2009

Mr. Wilemski

Angela Faul

February 26, 2009

Interview of an adolescent: Name: Star Thomas, 15 Years old

1. How do you feel about school?
-Feels that it is useful, especially for later in life.
How much time do you spend doing homework?
- About an hour a day.
What do you plan to do when you graduate?
- She plans on going to college for her PHD, and would like to concentrate on cardiology. 2. Do you have a part time job?
Do you want to work?
-Yes, but says she’s only 15, she will go job hunting when she turns 16. 3. What kind of clothes do your friends wear?
-Name brands like Coogi, Dareon, Aeropostale, and American Eagle. How important is fashion to you?
-Very important, she likes to look good.
4. Do you have a boyfriend?\
If so, how old were you when you began dating?
When are you allowed to go on a date?
-She’s allowed to date on weekends after her chores are done. What do you do on a date?
-Watch movies, argue, and going out to eat.
5. Would you like to make a comment about sexual behavior and activities of your generation? She thinks they go too far for their age. 6. How do you spend your free time?
-Talking on the phone, babysitting, and at her boyfriend’s house. 7. When you get together with your friends what do you do? -Riding around and shopping.
8. What is your biggest problem in life right now?
-Her attitude, gets her in trouble a lot.
9. What do you see as the main difference between yourself and teenagers 50 years ago?
- This generation is more laid back and has more freedom. What do you think of today’s teenagers?
- “I think they are tripping.”

Interview of an Senior Citizen:Willie Burleigh, 78 years old.

1. Did you attend high school?
-No, quit going after 3rd grade.
Did you want to?
-Yes and No, because there was so much farming to do instead of school. What kinds of subjects did you study?
-Reading, arithmetic, spelling, and geography.
What kind of homework did you get?
-not much homework in those days.
Did most of the adolescents in your neighborhood go to high school? -No, not most, but some.
2. How many hours per week did you work?
-Sun up to sun down.
How much did you contribute to the family income?
-Everyone contributed in a fair amount.
Did you want to go to work?
-It wasn’t a choice, if you didn’t work you were disciplined with a belt. 3. What were your clothes like?
-Overalls, and he got one pair of shoes a year during the winter. Were you concerned about fashion?
-Not at all.
4. Did you date in high school?
-No, all of the boys would go to the show(movies) on horseback together and meet up with the girls. At what age were you allowed to date?
What did you typically do on a date?
-Go o the show(movies), 10 cents to get in.
5. Would you like to comment on the differences in the sexual behavior between your adolescent experience and your understanding of today’s adolescent experiences?
-“Teenagers don’t have any respect these days, with their piercings and pants hanging off of their behinds.” 6. How did you and your friends spend your free time?
- Playing hide and seek, marbles, games like hockey with tin cans. 7. What was your most nagging problem as a teenager?
-Working in the field.
8. What do you see as the main difference between yourself and teenagers 50 years ago?
-Teenagers today do what they want and that’s not how it was. What do you think of today’s teenagers?
-Most of them are not raised right or tended to....

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