Admiration of Anne Bradstreets Essay

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Admiration of Anne Bradstreets values as compared to those of Ben Franklin and Johnathan Edwards
The relationships that people have with others has a severe impact on that person's life, albeit many are good, some, though, are bad. How we choose to form, maintain and use these relationships is up to us, just as what they mean is up to us too. I will show the relationships of some writers and how they treat others, as an important value to me. Three writers of our era, Benjamin Franklin, Jonathan Edwards, and Anne Bradstreet are most notable with their relationships with people. My thoughts on Benjamin Franklin's work were unfortunately

on the negative side. To sum his writings up, they were long, boring and not concise. His writing varied heavily. He was known for writing on one topic and then changing to another then skipping to yet another. The following paragragh is an excerpt of his writing's to show the long, varied writings that changed from subject to subject:

"I have been the more particular in this Description of my Journey, and shall be so of my first Entry into that City, that you may in your mind compare such an unlikely Beginning with the Figure I have since made there. I was in my working Dress, my best Clothes being to come round by sea. I was dirty from my journey; my pockets were stuff'd out with shirts and stockings; I knew no Soul, nor where to look for lodging. I was fatigu'dwith Traveling, Rowing and Want of Rest. I was very hungry, and my whole stock of cashconsisted of a Dutch Dollar and and about a Shilling in Copper. The latter I gave the People of the Boat for my Passage, who at first refused it on Account of my Rowing; but I insisted on their taking it, a Man being sometimes more generous when he has but a little Money than when he has plenty, perhaps thro' the Fear of Being thought to have but a little. Then I walked up the Street' gazing about, till near the Market House I met a boy with bread…" (p. 241) Because of the skipping around, to often unrelated topics, it is very difficult to pay attention, read and keep straight as to what is Franklin's point. One could almost call the style of writing a form of rambling. From Franklin's work one is able to deduce that he is a good man with good intention and is a upbeat and optimistic person but he doesn't really care for people and treats them like object and tools. He basically uses people to get ahead and uses people for favors. For example he loves his brother, supposedly, but he used his brother to pay for his boarding so he could be out of the way and not cause problems for all the other is nthe household. He does does have his faults with people, and that is he trusts people too much. He has too much faith in people and whether that is because of his deist ways, and how he looks at things in the world,and through reason. His trust in people and things often leads him into small troubles. His drunken friend Collins borrowed much money from Franklin promising to pay it back. Of course, it was never paid back. If one recalls how Franklin got to America it was because of using the abilities and powers of soe of his friends. Another point of the real problems that Franklin had with people and relationships is the entire relationship that he had with Miss Read. The only thing that he wanted from the marriage was some money from the parents. Franklin was willing to use Miss read for getting money from her parents. When they refuse to give it to him he first suggested to mortgage the house, and when he knew that that wouldn't be done he basically left them and Miss Read. Jonathan Edwards looks on life as a chance to serve God. He serves God by working hard and not doing things that would be considered bad by a Puritan (ie. fun, drinking, dancing, and parties.) He believes just like other Puritans that life should be dedicated strictly to God. The main idea to understand from Puritans is that when they...
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