Administrative Theories in Public Administration

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Title: Administrative Theories in Public Administration



I have never thought that administrative theories in Public Administration has been established back in 1800 with theorist who have discovered or developed and now has been part of the system of the Philippine government.

The earliest contributors to our understanding of management theory included practicing managers as well as social scientist. More recent theorist has tended to be academic or management consultants. The early theorist can be divided into 2 main groups – the practicing managers such, as Taylors and Fayol and the social scientists, such as Mayo and Mc Gregor. 1 Meet the Mr. Taylor, the theorist of Scientific Management.

Frederick Winslow Taylor (1856-1915), one of the early practical manager-theorist, born in Boston, Massachusetts, spent the greater part of his life working on the problems of achieving greater efficiency on the shop-floor where he manages. The solution he came up with was based directly on his own experience at work, initially as a shop floor worker and later as a manager. He pioneers scientific management which includes: The systematic study of the relationships between and tasks to redesign the work for higher efficiency. Taylor sought to reduce the time a worker spent on each task by optimizing the way the task was done. Scientific Management Theory

Organizations were seeking ways to better satisfy customer needs Machinery was changing the way goods were produced
Managers had to increase the efficiency of the worker-task mix
According to him, there are 4 Principles to increase efficiency that are: a. Study the way the job is performed now and determine new ways to do it. Gather detailed, time and motion information; try different methods to see which is best b. Codify the method into rules – Teach to all workers

c. Select workers whose skills match the...
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