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The Art of Good Administration: Signs of a Good Administrator

by Gitanjali Hazarika     
 inShare Throughout their admin careers, administrative personnel are entrusted with a wide variety of administrative responsibilities. A good administrator can transform these responsibilities into major company success through skillful guidance and management of company resources. The capable administrator is a person who has the right mixture of intelligence, imagination, technical knowledge, communication skills, humor, adaptability, ambition, aggressiveness, and discipline. For an administrator, managing employees successfully is not only a challenge, but also a talent. Even tougher is the ability to lead well. Not all good managers are good leaders, too. If an administrator is also picked as a leader, the dual role is complicated. He or she must motivate others while simultaneously keeping an eye on organizational goals. Inspiring people and influencing them are tough challenges for any administrator to overcome. 

Who is a "Good" Administrator? 

There is no magic formula for becoming a good administrator. The skills are honed in the field and stem from basic appreciation of the fact that organizations depend mostly on their human capital. The best administrators all possess one talent—the ability to discover and capitalize upon employees' distinctive traits. An administrator who can befriend employees and prove him or herself worthy of their trust is a good administrator. However, the list does not end there. An effective administrator also uses the following qualities to attain his or her business's goals. A good administrator will try not to go wrong but admit when he or she does. A good administrator keeps the wheels well oiled and running smoothly. A good administrator will ensure that the employees are happy and efficient. A good administrator will treat people with respect and dignity. A good administrator is also a proficient organizer who plans, instructs, and subtly leads people. A good administrator is action oriented.

A good administrator is a person of great integrity.
A good administrator is approachable and friendly.
A good administrator is capable of dealing with ambiguity and is open. Above all, a good administrator never forgets his or her sense of humor. The Need for Good Administrators 

Every organization bases its future and growth on the administrative skills of its administrators. Mere college degrees and certificates do not make good administrators. Experience working with various people - customers, colleagues, peers, and others - can help an administrator go from being effective to being good. 

A good administrator doesn't rely on a title; he or she is also a doer. A good administrator should have a knack for spotting leaders and assigning task responsibilities so that the company objectives are achieved. An administrator will strive to properly evaluate employees' skills, knowledge, and abilities and to bridge the gap between business objectives and employees' efforts. To be an effective link, the administrator should be able to impart the company's ideals and goals to employees who will then adjust their personal goals to the larger company objectives in order to create a win-win situation. 

Apart from these duties, administrators also handle other responsibilities: informing new recruits of company norms and policies
discussing job requirements and performance expectations
assigning work to employees and evaluating performances
pinpointing personal issues and problems and determining training requirements offering feedback on work and praising when applicable
Be Assertive, Not Aggressive 

Most administrators often make the mistake of being aggressively assertive. Assertion is asking for what is supposed to be given. This can be done politely. Good administrators...
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