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Who Moved my Cheese?
1. The four characters represent how we respond to change. When it comes to change, who are you in the story? At first I would have said "Sniff" and "Scurry”, but Sniff and Scurry just hunt for the cheese without thinking. I think this because right now I am in the hunt for the cheese, or a job. Right now I am trying to find a career that is well suited for me. But I am more analytical than Sniff and Scurry so I strive to be more like Haw. I resemble Haw because he found the courage to find new cheese and was smart about the way he found it. I also resemble Haw because he learns from his mistakes, when he had found the new cheese he made sure to keep track of it instead of turning a blind eye and enjoying what he had. I like to think that I would have acted faster than Haw where as it took him awhile to change his way of thinking. I resemble Haw the most because he encountered a problem dwelled on it then got up and realized he needed to act to make a better life for himself, and did not let people like Hem influence him or hold him back.

2. “Cheese” is a symbol for whatever is important to you- the way you do your job, relationships with other people, health, peace of mind, etc. The maze is where you look for “cheese”- your organization, community or family. What is your Cheese and where are you looking for it? A job is my cheese, I am constantly searching for a career that I can make good pay and living out of. I want a job that I can constantly move up in and reach company goals so I can help the company succeed. A job or career where there are incentives to make me want to reach the company goals. To find this perfect cheese is a goal on mine, I strive and go out of my way to find this cheese, but have been unsuccessful so far because my maze is a very difficult one.  My maze is finding the cheese, I need to find a job that offers what I am looking for. I have been given opportunities to work for different companies but I see no...
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