Addiction: Long Days Journey Into Night

Topics: Long Day's Journey into Night, Addiction, Family Pages: 2 (825 words) Published: November 30, 2005
Addiction: Long Days Journey Into Night
"Long Days Journey into Night" is a play written by Eugene O'neill. The story is about one day in the life of the Tyrones, a dysfunctional family who are all addicted to something in their own way. Each of their addictions feeds another member of the familys addiction. Mary Tyrone makes the transition from normal to addicted most clearly through the play. In Act I, her hands shake, and she is very nervous. When she appears in Act II "one notices no change except that she appears to be less nervous, … but then one becomes aware that her eyes are brighter and there is a peculiar detachment in her voice and manner" (O'Neill 58). These small signs of her falling back to morphine addiction continue until the end of the play, where she is obviously under the influences of morphine. The morphine seems to make her remember the past often. In Act III, she talked about her two childhood dreams of becoming a concert pianist or a nun. By Act IV, she has dragged her old wedding dress from the attic and attempted to play the piano again. She considers herself to be growing old and ugly, and often points out how she was once young and beautiful. Marys failure to quit is also connected with her family relationships. Edmund, is aware of his bad health, and thinks that he may have Tuberculosis. He thinks that he can overcome his illness like his mother overcame her addiction. His optimism is crushed when he realizes that she is still addicted. Mary and Edmund are connected in more ways than a mother is to her youngest son. Because they are so similar, it is not unusual that he uses her strength as motivation to fight his own problems. Jamie is the disappointment of the family. He enjoys whores and alcohol. He was kicked out of college, and is a bad influence on his younger brother. Mary blames Mr.Tyrone for Jamie's alcoholism because he fed Jamie a teaspoon of whisky as a child whenever he was restless. Jamie blames his mother. He had...

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