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Topics: Drug addiction, Nootropics, Recreational drug use Pages: 3 (984 words) Published: May 9, 2012
It wasn’t till about two years ago that I overheard some of my friends talking about Adderall. They were discussing how most of their friends took this drug during midterms and final week. I was a little hesitant about this “magical” pill. I didn’t believe that it could actually help students focus on their schoolwork. A few months after that, a friend of mine decided to take Adderall and according to him, he was able to focus on his final paper…actually it was a little more than just focusing on the paper. He said that this pill put him in some sort of trance where he just couldn’t stop researching his topic and somehow became fascinated with writing his paper. After hearing this, I wanted to get my hands on it. I soon found out that for some odd reason, Adderall is a lot harder to find when you don’t dorm and that it’s actually given to people with ADHD. I still wanted to learn more about, so I took this chance to research this drug. Cognitive enhancers (CED) are drugs that help improve a person’s intelligence, motivation, and attention, among other things. Adderall falls into that category. In the article Cognitive Enhancement, Cheating and Accomplishment, Rob Goodman was able to get a report from a journalist who has written in prestigious newspapers. This journalist claims to have taken a tablet and right after that he picked up a book, which he didn’t put down until he hit the last page. He goes on by saying “I didn’t stop or stumble once. Perplexed, I got up, made a sandwich and I was overcome with the urge to write an article…” (Goodman) he was able to finish the article faster and better than usual. There was also another journalist who took a tablet for two days and had the same effects. He had a desperate urge to write and worked twice as fast as usual. Both journalists decided to discontinue their daily use of Adderall, but still saved some tablets for occasional use. The journalists were afraid of what the long-term side effects of this drug would...

Cited: Goodman, Rob. "Cognitive Enhancement, Cheating, and Accomplishment." Kennedy Institute of Ethics journal 20.2 (2010): 145-60. ProQuest Central; ProQuest Health Management. Web. 31 Jan. 2012.
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