Acorn Industries

Topics: Project management, Management, Construction Pages: 2 (799 words) Published: April 22, 2015
1. How should Acorn organize now, considering both their commercial business and their growing government business? Following pure project organization is more appropriate for the organization at his moment. This will allow the new projects to function independently and hence their success or failure would not affect the existing lucrative commercial business. As the new defense projects require more of R&D and collaboration with production planning, a pure project organizational approach would allow for the synergy and would provide holistic view of the project. It will put client as focus of activity and Project manager will have full control over the project which is of at most importance for long term projects. But this approach need more staffing and resources should be spent to hire more technically superior employees.

2. How can Acorn quickly increase it project management maturity? Case study states about the lack of sufficient data regarding project management. Therefore Acorn should first invest in technologies such as warehouse which will help in gathering the data and analyzing on it. Then utilizing the research done in the field of project management, a team of project managers at Acorn should decide on a model which will access the maturity of project management. Kerzner model is one of such industry best models. This would then give the company an idea on the areas to improve. Initial major focus has to be laid on bringing about consistency and control over the projects which could then give space for trying out new methods to improve performance.

3. What should Acorn do about the KMIP incentive program?
Since the nature of the new diverse projects is long term, a futuristic strategy on what and how to achieve should be incorporated into the key objectives of the KMIP program. This should push for a collaboration between different departments in various project estimations and plans. Specific targets have to be set for R&D and production...
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