Acct 505 Course Project

Topics: Standard deviation, Normal distribution, Mean Pages: 4 (596 words) Published: July 9, 2013
Valerie Simmons
Dr. Mark Beintema
July 22, 2012
Course Project PART A
The report below represents the detailed statistical analysis of the data collected from a sample of credit customers in the department chain store AJ DAVIS. The 1st individual variable is LOCATION which is a categorical variable. The three subcategories are Urban, Suburban and Rural. Since Location is a categorical variable, the measures of central tendency have not been calculated for this variable. The frequency distribution and pie chart are given as follows: Frequency Distribution:|

Location| Frequency|
Urban| 21|
Suburban| 15|
Rural| 14|

From the frequency distribution and pie chart, it is clear that the highest number of customers live in the rural area (42%), followed by customers who live in the suburban category (30%). There are only 28% of the customers living in the urban area.

The 2nd individual variable is SIZE which is considered is a quantitative variable. The measures of central tendency and variation are calculated for this variable below: Statistics:|
Mean| 3.42|
Standard Error| 0.24593014|
Median| 3|
Mode| 2|
Standard Deviation| 1.73898868|
Sample Variance| 3.02408163|
Kurtosis| -0.7228086|
Skewness| 0.52789598|
Range| 6|
Minimum| 1|
Maximum| 7|
Sum| 171|
Count| 50|

Frequency Distribution:|
Size| Frequency|
1| 5|
2| 15|
3| 8|
4| 9|
5| 5|
6| 5|
7| 3|

The median of the data is 3 and the mode is 2. The household size mean is 3.42. The standard deviation is 1.74 and the maximum number of customers has a household size of 2 which is shown in the bar graph and the frequency distribution table.

The 3rd individual variable considered is CREDIT BALANCE which is also a quantitative variable. The measures of central tendency and variation have also been calculated as follows: Descriptive Statistics:|

Credit Balance($)|
Mean| 3964.06...
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