Academic Goal Essay

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College Experience
Academic goal essay

The business managerial field is one of the most exciting career choices one can consider that can lead to many rewarding employment opportunities. I am very passionate and fas- cinated regarding the international high growth entrepreneurial and ambitious enterprise sectors.

First of all, I have previously filled several exciting and enriched office-based positions in Sioux City such as; a production accounting clerk for two years at the former John Morrell. Afterwards, I filled my first position as data entry clerk at Tyson® fresh meats corporate brach office in Dakota City, Nebraska. Next, I was offered a position as a sales assistant clerk in the Midwest service center department.

Furthermore, when I arrived in Storm Lake in 2005, I have continued working in the same office setting atmosphere. I was the office manager at our family owned business at Buena Vista Auto Sales for over two years, eventually, I went on to fill a secretarial position at our local CENTURY 21® office.

As a result, from many of my previous employment experiences and financial difficulties have led me to go back to college and have experienced a strong influence in my career choosing. Therefore, I have decided to work towards a major in business management.

After conducting a research on line, on print, and interviewing a few enrolled and graduated students from ICCC as I carefully assessed their feedback, I made a final decision to enroll in Fall of 2009. The main reasons behind the research that supported and influenced my decision are as follows, affordable tuition, transferable courses and credits, catering to working adults, high student graduate ratios, small classroom settings, and the institution’s commitment to the student body academic success.

My academic goal is to complete the general education requirements in order to achieve an AA degree and eventually transfer to...
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