Ac/Dc Honors Paper

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Rock and Roll History Honors Paper
Everything began in Sydney, Australia back in 1973 when Angus and Malcolm Young decided to follow the footsteps of their older brother George. Since then, they have become one of the five top-selling bands in American music history. At the time they were formed, Heavy Metal music sells were high. Because of their hard rock style, their music fulfilled the demand of many listeners. Some of their famous hits include “Back in Black”, “Shoot to Thrill”, “Highway to Hell”, and “Thunderstruck.” Angus and Malcolm Young, accompanied by Brian Johnson, Cliff Williams, and Phil Rudd are the members that give AC/DC its current name. However, the only members who remain from when it first started are the Young brothers.

The Young brothers have tried out many people in search for the right fit, and even when they thought they found the right fit the found themselves looking for a new one shortly after. There have been 23 members of AC/DC since they formed back in 1973. They have had a total of 3 different lead singers, 8 different bass guitarists, and 10 different drummers. But only a few of these members established something unique with this band. And the most important member that is no longer a current member is Bon Scott. Bon Scott was AC/DC’s first lead singer that helped them take off as a band. Bon Scott was originally the bus driver for AC/DC. He was recruited by the Young brothers to play drums. After a dramatic night between the Young brothers and Dave Evans, he became the official lead singer for AC/DC His relationship with the band was strong and his presence was the one they were looking for. Scott was there for the release of their first album “High Voltage.” He also was there when they were signed with Atlantic Records in 1976. AC/DC made their major breakthrough in to the top 100 with the release of their song, “Highway to Hell.” Scott also went on to sing many other hits including “TNT”, and “If You Want Blood You Got It.” When they began work on the album that eventually became “Back in Black,” the unexpected happened. On 19 February 1980, Scott passed out in a friend’s car after a night of drinking. His friend left him in the car for the night so he could sleep off the alcohol. He wouldn’t wake up the next morning and was rushed to the hospital. He was announced dead on arrival. It was announced that he was killed do to pulmonary aspiration, which is a formal way of saying he choked on his own vomit. Scott’s death brought a great depression to the other members of the band, and they even considered quitting. Scott’s parents persuaded them to keep going with the belief that Scott would have wanted them to not give up.

Scott’s death was very unfortunate for the other members, but they found a way live on his memory. A few months before Bon Scott passed away, he mentioned a singer that sounded represented the same style as Little Richard who happened to be Scott’s idol. And this singer was none other than Brian Johnson. Bon Scott heard him when he was touring in England. They made the call to Brian Johnson and he came in for an audition. Within five seconds of hearing him they felt the connection and hired him on the spot. With Brian Johnson on board they finished their second album. However, many people were unaware that AC/DC was going on with a new singer and making another album. The release of the album, “Back in Black,” announced their return to Rock and Roll. To this day, this album remains the second most sold album of all time with “Thriller” by Michael Jackson in first. They spent the next two years living in stardom and success, but unfortunately complications arose within the band.

Their drummer Phil Rudd was established as a member of the band after going through seven other drummers. He came in to the picture shortly after Bon Scott came in to the picture. At this point he was a member for almost nine years. Two years passed, and his friendship with Malcolm...
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