Absorbent Mind Essay 3

Topics: Consciousness, Unconscious mind, Mind Pages: 2 (576 words) Published: November 10, 2010

A child gains knowledge from the environment through the absorbent mind. Dr Montessori considered nothing is more important for the man than his absorbent mind, which shapes the adult and adapts him to any kind of social order, climate or country. Absorbent mind is the stage or period whereby a child absorbs or soaks in information, impressions, and impressions effortlessly from the environment consciously and unconsciously. It is one of the internal aids that aids in the child’s unfolding, reconstruction and revealing of his predetermined or hidden potentialities of course through his interaction with the environment. It is this absorbent mind that enables the child as an infant to recognize his mother’s voice, when the mother smiles at him he smiles back, when he is not comfortable or needs a diaper change he cries for attention and so on. Dr Maria Montessori divided absorbent mind into two: unconscious mind (0-3 years) and the conscious mind (3-6 years). Unconscious mind (0-3 years): At this stage, the child absorbs, learns unconsciously and effortlessly. Information or impressions absorbed by the child is stored for future use, Montessori refered to it as the “Mneme” which the child uses later in his psychic development or unfolding which of course is as a result of his interaction with the environment. The foundation of the child’s personality is also laid at this stage. The knowledge the child absorbs unconsciously prepares him and later will be used by his conscious mind. The child at this stage constantly absorbs knowledge and impressions from his environment through concentration and observations. Dr Maria Montessori said children are naturally scientist because they have the ability to observe. As children are observing things in their environment, they are absorbing knowledge and storing it in the mneme which will later be brought to the conscious mind. Conscious mind (3-6 years): At this stage,...
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