Absorbent Mind

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4.1 The infant at birth
One of the greatest magical mysteries yet unsolved by even the highly developed science and technology of the twentieth century is that of the human being in its very early life. The Child is still an unknown mysterious figure. The infant at birth seems to be in a unique condition. Apparently he is inferior to other mammals that are high in the ladder of evolution. He does not manifest any of the characteristics that differentiate him from other non-human living beings .He has no means of self-expression or an articulate language. He is incapable of movement. He does not enter the earth into a natural environment of his own nor is he capable of creating one. Even though he enters the world as a part of a particular human family no one can see any outward distinction of belonging to the group in time, place, culture, language, tradition, family or ethnic status. As an individual human person he has no manifestation of the conscious psychic powers of intelligence, will, emotions etc. In short he does not seem to possess a human behaviour pattern or life style. Even the physical component of his life seems to be incomplete, skull not closed yet, bones yet to be ossified , digestive system still needs the teeth, incomplete potency of the digestive juices etc. It most definitely seems a laborious babyhood. This incomplete human being goes through, within a short duration of twenty four to thirty months, a creative constructive human development and produces a human being who is almost complete in his structure and behaviour. This achievement is done in an environment that is ever changing and dynamic and produced by other human beings. Furthermore the task is entirely his, because the mental state is unapproachable by the adult, who can exercise very little influence on him. This great stupendous and tremendous task of building up the basis for the final human behaviour pattern not only as an individual but as a member of a group is something that awaits the child at birth. Every child accomplishes the task according to the various factors, material and spiritual. Study of human nature compels us to acknowledge that the human being at birth is in ownership of great powers to make this magnificent, creative and constructive development possible. Such a miraculous a conquest is made in such a short period with spontaneity. Our imagination staggers. 4.2 The inexorable continuous, constant force from within the child The continuous, firm, determined efforts made by all children irrespective of when and where they take birth must be due to an unstoppable continuous, constant pushing force from within the child. Dr. Maria Montessori preferred to call it the Horme. This blind, irresistible, unconscious driving force reigns supreme during the psycho-embryonic period to make this development possible. To a certain extent, it helps overcome obstacles. Another amazing feature of this period is the unimaginably strong inflexibility with which the human being retains the early impressions, experiences, achievements and their living character. They are not retained as memories but as engrams. The indelible nature of such achievement is attributed to that special capacity of retention that seems to be limitless. This is the power of Menem that welds together all the achievements with the child and in the child. This power has the capacity of not losing anything alive in the environment. These engrams retianed by the Mneme can never be forgotten 4.3 The psycho-embryonic period

All these developmental achievements of the young child during the psycho-embryonic period are psychic in nature. Even the physical development is in service of the psychic development. Only the Horme and the Mneme cannot explain this phenomenon. There is a need for a wealth of psychical raw material providing the stimulation. In order to gather the raw materials and make them part of his own the psychical embryo needs to have a faculty...
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