Abraham Lincoln and Dear Mr. Lima

Topics: Abraham Lincoln, Winfield Scott, American Civil War Pages: 3 (557 words) Published: December 15, 2013
The Lima Timen

The Civil War Finally Ends!

Table of contents
Pg. 1: main story. Civil war ends!!
Pg. 2: biographical article.
Pg. 3: opinion article about the war and the causes and effects. Pg. 4: interview with the president about the war!!
Pg. 5: letter to the editor.
Pg. 6:
Pg. 7:

South surrenders at Appomattox courthouse!

In today’s biography we have the president. Abraham Lincoln. Abraham Lincoln's Birth and Childhood
Abraham Lincoln was born in Hardin County, Kentucky on February 12, 1809. His father, Thomas Lincoln, was a carpenter by trade and owned three farms in Kentucky. His mother Nancy Hanks Lincoln, died in 1818 when he reached the age of ten. He had an older sister and younger brother. He did receive a little bit of education but mostly was just taught how to read and write. Abraham Lincoln's Early Adulthood

He worked on a farm in Salem, Illinois. While there he gathered plenty of knowledge. In 1832, he served in the Black Hawk war there opened up many opportunities in life for him. Politics and Marriage

Lincoln served as a whig from 1834- 1841. He then became a lawyer in

Opinion article about slavery
By: abel lima
Slavery isn’t right. I don’t believe in owning a man, sure he’s black and everything but he is still a man. Slavery can be horrible to people and I am extremely happy that the North has finally won the war! Now with this was over, slavery will hopefully be finally gone.

Interview with Abraham Lincoln!
Q: What were your tactics at the beginning of the war?
A: our tactics were simple, we called it “the anaconda plan”. We simply were just planning on wrapping around the south and basically forming a blockade so no supplies would come in and no cotton would go out. Q: Was the anaconda plan your idea?

A: No. personally I didn’t like the plan because I knew it would take forever .the plan came from General Winfield Scott. Q: Since you didn’t agree so much...
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