About a Boy and Meditation 17 Comparison

Topics: John Donne, Man, Boy Pages: 2 (526 words) Published: February 12, 2012
About a Boy and Meditation 17 both focus around the idea that in reality, “no man is an island” (About a Boy). In Meditation 17, the author John Donne writes about how all people are connected through the church so that what happens to one person affects every person. He feels a loss at each man that dies because it impacts him as well because he is not an island. In About a Boy, Will tries to go through life thinking only about himself and staying on his own island. But then he meets a young boy named Marcus who he unwillingly adopts. Marcus makes Will realize that not all men are islands, but instead it takes multiple people together in a relationship to fully live out your life.

Will believes strongly at the beginning of About a Boy that all men are islands and he especially is an island. He says that hundreds of years ago, people didn't have anything like espresso makers or TVs or anything so you were forced to rely on others. However, in this day and age, people have these things and are able to be an island if they so choose. With the right things and the right mentality you could be an island and never have relationships with others or rely on others. In Wills case, he uses his theology of being an island to shag women and then not worry about the repercussions (vocab word) when he dumps them because he never has to see them again.

Being the star of “The Will Show” (About a Boy), he was the regular star and others may have come and gone but in the end it would still only be him. He said The Will Show wasn't an ensemble drama with a big crowd of people like Marcus and his mum, but instead it was only about him. If others couldn't manage their own shows then it was their problem and not his. He was in no way responsible for that and his island show only gave him time to care about himself.

By the end of the movie, Will made a tremendous turn around. He went from being Mr. Island and only caring about himself to a man with a girlfriend and a...
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