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Topics: Unified Modeling Language, Class diagram, Class Pages: 4 (903 words) Published: September 26, 2013
Lab 13 – UML Lab
Student Handout

1. Lab Objectives
Following the lab you should be able to:
Analyze the requirements that describe a simple application and use this information to design a set of classes that accurately reflect the requirements. Create a UML Class diagram.
Create and document use cases to help analyze and design a simple application.

2. Prior to the laboratory
Review the laboratory handout.
Visit the links below:
1. Review the “Unified Modeling Language (UML) Tutorial” http://pigseye.kennesaw.edu/~dbraun/csis4650/A&D/UML_tutorial/diagrams.htm 2. (Optional) Review “A UML Introduction Tutorial” http://www.cragsystems.co.uk/ITMUML/index.htm Take the lab pretest.

3. Topics

Analyzing system requirements
Translating requirements into a system design
Documenting the system design

4. Activities/Exercises
1. Design a Student Registration System (class exercise).
2. Design a Resource Management System.

Activity 1: Design a Student Registration System

What is UML?
UML is primarily a graphical notation used to assist system analysis and express software design. The fundamental reason to use UML involves communication. UML allows a more precise specification of concepts than natural language, and it facilitates communication between domain experts, software architects, programmers, and testers. While UML as a whole is extensive, you can use just parts of the language to effectively represent a simple design. For the purposes of this lab, we will apply use cases to help determine the system requirements, and then use two of the more commonly used UML diagrams, class diagrams and use cases diagrams, to express the design of our system.

System Requirements
You have been asked to design a Student Registration System to replace the university’s legacy system. The system will allow students to register for courses and view grade reports. Each student has access to his or her course and grade information only and...
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