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Dr.Prabir Dutta

A dairy plant having the capacity of handling 2000 litres of milk per day was established at Lahirimohanpur,in the district of Pabna(now Sirajgang district) established in the year 1946.The name of the organization was National Nutrients Co.Ltd. with the target to sell the processed milk and milk products in Kolkata(India) as the city had railway link.But the idea could not be materialized due to the partition of India during independence in the year 1947.Afterwards Eastern Milk Products Ltd.emerged under the brand name of “MilkVita”with the dairy products viz.milk,butter and ghee(boiled milk fat)etc under private ownership.In year 1965 first “Eastern milk producers’co-operative society Union Ltd” was formed by the Government patronization.But the economic condition of the organization did not stable and there was no alternative but to hand it over to Co-operative Marketing Society. The project envisaged the purchase of milk from the individual poor,marginal and landless milk producing farmers under the fold of Primary Milk Producer’s Co-operative Societies with fair price and guaranteed market,transportation service of the milk to the rural plants for preliminary processing and onward transportation to the main production plants for final processing of market milk and other products with the brand name”MilkVita”.

In the year 1972,soon after independent Bangladesh FAO,UNDP and DANIDA provided technical and financial assistance to establish a sustainable co-operative dairy development programme.At initial level involved 4300 very poor and landless households in remote rural areas and provided complete package of milk production enhancing technologies,rural skill and capacity for milk collection,processing,marketing system.Thus the two tier milkvita co-operative dairy complex has grown into a successful commercial dairy enterprise.60,000 farmers have organized 400 primary village milk producers co-operatives having processed and distributed to all the major cities of the country.41.32 million litres of milk surplus to their household requirement and earned Tk.696.85 million (US$12.04MILLION) and per capita increased to 1.91 litres in a day while per capita and earning raised ten times in a day.


1.Improved household nutrition and increased purchasing power. 2.Increased milk yield and productivity of the plant.
3.Community empowerment to the poor through direct participation in organized co-operatives. 4.Management skill developed through accountability of the MILK VITA board members taken from milk producers. 5.Increased quantity and quality of safe pasteurized milk and products affordable for consumers which enhanced health awareness. 6.Off farm employment generation created.


In 1979-82 “Consolidation of Co-operative Dairy Complex” implemented with more investment and foreign exchange of Tk.16.18 million. Thereafter a project titled BMRE(Balancing,Modernisation,Rehabilitation and Expansion of the Co-operative Dairy Complex) was begun with the cost of total Tk.263.69 million having foreign exchange component of Tk.200.18. Implementation of the project had an enormous impact on the overall activities of the organization.Thus regained its capacity utilization which came down to a stage of low profitability.Two new products viz.Instant Milk Powder and Ice-cream were also incorporated.

The five major factors have been identified most important in limiting animal agriculture in Bangladesh are:

1.Poor nutrition /animal feed availability and land allotted to green fodder cultivation. 2.Poor organization of primary animal agriculture producers. 3.Poor extension service and information available...

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