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Brief description about Iran
Iran is historically Iran has been referred to as "Persia", by the Western world, mainly due to the writings of Greek historians who called Iran Persis, meaning land of the Persians. Today both "Persia" and "Iran" are used interchangeably in cultural contexts; however, "Iran" is the name used officially in political contexts.

The 18th-largest country in the world in terms of area at 1,648,195 km2, Iran is an ethnically diverse country and has a population of around 77 million. Tehran is the capital, the country's most populous city and the political, cultural, commercial and industrial center of the nation. Known as a developing country, Iran is a regional power, and holds an important position in international energy security and world economy as a result of its large reserves of petroleum and natural gas. Iran has the second largest proven natural gas reserves in the world and the fourth largest proven petroleum reserves.

The 1 official language of Iran is Persian (also called Farsi), spoken by nearly everyone. In Iran there is about 56 different languages spoken. Some of the main ones include Persian, Azeri, Kurdi, Lorish, Arabic, Turkmen, Gilaki, Tabari, Balochi, and Taleshi.

Twelver Shi'i Islam is totally dominating the Iranian society, not only as creed, but also with its impact on the political system. More than 99% of the Iranians are Muslims; 90% belong to the Shi'a branch of Islam, the official state religion, and about 9% belong to the Sunni branch, which predominates in neighboring Muslim countries. Less than 1% non-Muslim minorities include Christians, Zoroastrians, Jews, Bahá'ís, Mandeans, and Yarsan.

Women’s role in Iran
The role of women in Iran is very complex. Although Iranian women can receive excellent education and rather good health care, they have few rights and many restrictions. Because of their religion they have to maintain hijab which women are not allowed to expose their body and head in public. In terms of employment they experience significant discrimination. The working population of Iranian women is only 15%, which is the lowest rate in Middle West countries.

Government and Politics
The Supreme Leader of Iran is the highest-ranking political and religious authority in the Islamic Republic of Iran. In its history, the Islamic Republic has had two Supreme Leaders: Ruhollah Khomeini, who held the position from 1979 until his death in 1989, and Sayyed Ali Khamenei, who has held the position since Khomeini's death.

China and Iran’s Relationship
China–Iran relations refers to the economic, political, and social relations between the modern nations of China and Iran, from the 1950s to the present day. Both the pre-1979 revolution Pahlavi dynasty of Iran and the post-revolutionary Islamic Republic of Iran have had diplomatic ties with China.

China is the world's most populous country and the largest energy consumer in the world. Rapidly increasing energy demand has made China extremely influential in world energy markets.

Five reasons why China deals with Iran
From the Chinese perspective, Iran is a major power in the Middle East, with a population of nearly 78 million; it is the most populous country in the region. Moreover, Iran has the second largest territory in the region. Additionally, Tehran’s military capabilities exceed those of other countries in the region. As a Middle Eastern power, Iran, in the Chinese calculus could play a key role in helping China to expand its influence in Gulf and beyond.

Strategic calculations
China’s oil security strategy seeks to maintain stable oil’s supplies of reasonable price and from diverse resources. In Beijing’s view, Iran could play a dual role in strengthening the security of China’s oil supply. First, Iran has the natural capacity to be one of China’s key oil suppliers. Second, Iran could provide China with a westward source of oil, which avoids the Strait of Hormuz....
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