Topics: Pregnancy, Birth control, Teenage pregnancy Pages: 4 (1378 words) Published: July 2, 2013
Kelci Mitchem
Rough Draft
June 18, 2013

As a teenager I remember in my first advanced high school English class when abortion got brought up and it became a huge debate. My very religious and not to mention Catholic English teacher stood up and quoted Mrs. Hilary Clinton saying “I have met thousands and thousands of pro-choice men and women. I have never met anyone who is pro-abortion." It stuck with me and changed my outlook on the Pro-Life/Pro-Choice debate. As an advocate of women's rights to Pro-choice, I am extending my viewpoints to you in this proposition. Many people have their opinions on abortion, usually being one extreme or the other. Advocates or Pro-choice often finds themselves swaying their opinions of when abortion is morally ethical dependent upon the controlling factors. Mahatma Gandi was quoted saying “I cannot intentionally hurt anything that lives, much less fellow human beings” (350), and that’s why I would also let it be known that I would never get an abortion but if it involves another of my fellow woman, I believe that that woman deserves to make her choice as to whether she is ready to become a mother or not. Advocates of Pro Life are consistently perusing abortion, stating that it is morally wrong, and unethical in all matters, even if the pregnancy is inadvertent. There are factors remaining in today's society that are very forthcoming and are unanticipated by women in the prevention of pregnancy. If medical doctors abolished the procedure, or if the government made it even more difficult to obtain an abortion, we wouldn't be supporting the righteousness of many women in the U.S. today. I am a firm believer when I say that a woman has the right to make a choice to do whatever she feels as though is necessary for her. Women have come way too far fighting for what we believe in and what we deserve as human beings. Women are still fighting today over who gets to choose what’s best for their body. Sojourner Truth said “I am...

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