Abortion is never an easy topic of discussion.

Topics: Abortion, Pregnancy, Human rights Pages: 2 (661 words) Published: April 13, 2013
Abortion is never an easy topic of discussion. Heated conversations usually ensue between the Pro lifers (those who argue that abortion should never be legal) and the Pro Choicers (those who argue that ultimately the choice should be left to the woman). Either way, the reasons for and against abortion are convincing ones. Pro lifers argue that abortion is tantamount to murder, women are susceptible to complications during abortions, they could potentially face sterility issues and the legalization process leading to abortion as a birth control method. The most convincing arguments that Pro Choicers posit are that it is ultimately the woman’s right to choose and that the foetus is not a person, hence abortion is not murder. These, however are not sufficient to satisfy me that legal abortions are a necessity in civilized society.

Women face all kinds of risks when they undergo an abortion ranging from mental to physical consequences. Infections and haemorrhaging are only but two minor complications. Some major side effects of abortions are "infection, excessive bleeding, tearing of the uterus, embolism, convulsions, cervical injury, and endotoxic shock" (Reardon 2). Long term complications ranging from the latter are not unheard of such as infertility from repeated abortions which can damage the fallopian tubes (Reardon 2) and more potential for miscarriages in future pregnancies.

Persons only associate physical consequences with abortion but the psychological toll is there. It is documented medically as well as socially. Take the case of the Indian soap opera “Pavitra Rishta” where one of the female characters opted to have an abortion. She, the story line goes, is now sterile, and has transferred all her motherly affection to her sister’s infant, creating a host of storyline complications. Many women, even with pre abortion and post abortion counselling face such issues. They develop feelings of hatred for self which can lead to depression and which has...

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