Abortion Clinics

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"Each year, one million American teenagers become pregnant. Seventy-eight percent of these pregnancies are unintended. Out of the teenagers who become pregnant thirty-five percent choose to have an abortion rather than bear the child" (Dudley 1). Teen pregnancies have been a growing epidemic in the United States. This problem has made our increasing abortion rate skyrocket to the millions. The decision of making abortion illegal is effecting everyone across the nation especially teenagers, women with serious health conditions and victims of rape.

South Dakota voters said, "abortion should only be legal to women who are risking their lives to give birth to their child" (Hurst 1), but this was not the case the entire time. The first time that this law was passed fifty-six percent of the voters rejected the ban. It took seven thousand -five hundred lawn signs persuading voters to change their mind to a strict abortion law. Abortion has eroded in the recent years, simply because no doctor is willing to perform the procedure.

In 1992, Maryland had a similar problem. They had to answer the question, "Whether to lock in for the Maryland Supreme Court to uphold every women's right to decide for herself whether to end a problem in a pregnancy" (Stevens 1). It was not this argument, itself, that effected the people but the thought of a physician or the government playing the role of ‘big brother'. This is where the Genocide Awareness Project or GAP, said "Women are easily victimized by circumstances and easily believe that women are not ultimately responsible for their actions because, like children they need direction…"(Arthur 3) After this statement Maryland and many other states decide to educate their young adults.

Four out of five American teenagers admit to having intercourse before the age of twenty. By the time that a women has turned twenty, forty percent have already been pregnant at least once. For the most part these women have little understanding about their bodies and how to prevent becoming pregnant. The pro-choice campaign did a study on the pregnancy and abortion rates, in other countries. In the Netherlands, the teenage sexual activity rate is the same as in the U.S, but their abortion and pregnancy rate is one-ninth of the United States. Primarily because in other countries they receive more education about sexuality and have more access to contraception as well as family planning services.

There are many foundations that are trying to save lives and educate teens on teen pregnancies, and other alternatives to abortion. GAP was founded by Gregg Cunningham in 1988, and since than they have been trying to persuade young adults, "to think differently about abortion" (Arthur 1). GAP visits nearly two dozen university in the United States and Canada. At these conventions there are graphic pictures describing abortion, and its link to genocide, along with their opinion on what should be done. GAP backs there opinion, that abortion is a type of genocide, but the victims of the Holocaust finds this highly insulting. Due to the fact that they lived through a horrible time where they saw first hand, relatives and friends dieing in front of them. They argue with the Plan Parenthood of America, "that the personhood of a fetus is a matter of ones opinion that can be conclusively" (Arthur 2). Saying that the term genocide can not refer to a unborn fetuses, that are not yet legal members of the United States, therefore the unborn fetus does not have natural rights.

Many Anti-abortionist have been fighting for years to give these unborn fetuses life, so they would be able to accuse the women and their physician of murder. GAP says, " if we were to stop abortion there is still a threat of a double genocide" (Arthur 3). Meaning that since this procedure would not be legal, that women may be going to doctor who are not professionally certified in abortion and they could be killing the child and the mother, due to the...

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