A Good Man Is Hard To Find Grandmother Analysis

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In the story A Good Man is Hard to Find, the grandmother plays a significant role. She is the typical grandmother of, “years gone by”. She gives critical advice to her son and his wife. She seems to know best when it comes to the children as well. She mentions in the story that children used to be respectful towards their parents, when the children make snarky comments about her having to go wherever they went. Aside from her feeling that the children are disrespectful, the no-name grandmother makes a jab at the parents, suggesting that the children need to be well rounded when it came to expanding their knowledge of the territory around them. She wanted them to visit a place other than Florida, because they had been there before. This was an excuse for her to get out of going to Florida just because she didn’t want to vacation there. She also used the excuse of the Misfit being on the loose to get out of going to Florida. She tried to
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Rather, she is very manipulative and tries to convince Misfit that he is one of her own, and maybe this way he would feel compelled to spare her life, which he does not and shoots her three times in the chest.
No matter what she wore or what she said, nothing could have been done to save the characters from the ordeal. The only thing that could have been done was for her not to meddle in the beginning of the trip and let her family go to the vacation that the family had originally planned.
The irony in the story is that she spoke so highly of herself and her appearance so that if someone found her dead body they would be able to tell that she was a lady. The author leaves room for us to imagine that there would eventually be someone to find her, and did doesn’t matter what she was wearing because her fancy clothes or manipulation could not save

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