8 Themes of Art
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8 Themes of Art

The Sacred Realm
The Sacred Realm is a theme of art that involves the concept of aspects that cannot be seen but can only be brought to existence through faith by viewing a piece of art work. This faith is usually in form of a sacred realm. It’s vital to understand that this theme cannot be viewed by the naked eye. For instance, the religious images in the visual art are employed to bring about the opinions and beliefs of the individuals who are in faith of the specific religion and this is reached by provision of abstract ideas with images thru the work of art. Therefore, the Sacred Realm theme of art explains in a virtual way the reason and purpose behind the existence of certain aspects of nature such as religion that can only be believed by faith and strong beliefs.
Politics and the Social Order
The Political and the Social Order theme involve the surroundings of a human being and most importantly the social life and power. The political and social order as an element of the visual arts informs society that as human beings there are different levels of positions and groups. Every aspect that concerns the governing of the society can be well brought into the limelight throughout history. History can be best expressed by the work of art. This is due to the fact that art is visual and for that reason the information about a certain society can be attained through a critical analysis of a particular image. For instance, an image can explain the political and social distribution of things such as power, freedom, and wealth.
Stories and Histories
The Stories and Histories theme of art, are visual arts that portray the actions that were accomplished by heroes and legends of the past. This includes stories such as the folktales and the lives of the saints that have been in existence and application in all the generations. Stories and Histories is a theme of art that bring the existence of a certain community. Many works of art have applied

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