7 sins

Topics: The Crucible, Salem witch trials, Seven deadly sins Pages: 1 (497 words) Published: November 2, 2014

Valkiery Velez
November 2, 2014
Throughout The Crucible there are good characters, bad characters and the characters who do not take action when action is required. Of these characters, close to all of them embodies one of the seven deadly sins. Of each of the seven, there is always one character that is the worst sinner of that particular vice. There are seven deadly sins but out of the seven there are two in particular that drives this play the most. In control of these sins is Abigail Williams, a young vengeful girl who used to work for the Proctor before being fired for supposedly having an affair with John Proctor. In Arthur Miller’s The Crucible, Abigail demonstrates lust, envy, and wrath in order to gain power over John Proctor. Ultimately, however, her intentions result in disastrous circumstances for both her and Proctor. The first to come to Salem was Lust. Abigail, an innocent girl so to think, was having an affair with Proctor, a married man. The lust controlled her so much that she felt rage towards Proctor’s wife because she wanted him to be hers and hers only. Abigail would do anything to get what she wanted and that was Proctor. She began accusing Goody Proctor, Proctor’s wife, of being a witch and doing witchcraft so that she would be hung and therefor be able to be with Proctor. The whole village became frightened about witchcraft all because of Abigail’s need and want for Proctor. Abigail’s behavior borders on delusion and insanity. She does all she can just to be with an older man without truly knowing if she really loves him. Creating a mass hysteria just because she wants something makes her appear unstable and should not be tolerated no matter the consequences that Proctor could face if he told on her to the village council. In the play, Abigail is jealous of Elizabeth Proctor for having John Proctor as a husband and this is one of the main reasons she rains hell down on the city of Salem. Abigail’s envy gets the better of her, and...
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