Topics: Love Pages: 1 (364 words) Published: November 2, 2014
Luke Hemmings is hot and very talented.
Calum Hood is so cute and really good at bass and singing. He is not Asian. Michael Clifford has all different colored hair and is a fabulous guitarist. Ashton Irwin is really adorable and is the best drummer ever. If you don't like them or you think they are lame then you're wrong because they are some of the most talented group of boys alive today. Sure they aren't the hottest = group of guys but that doesn't matter when they have the talent that they do. Ashton is always that really cute and smiley kind of person and I love it. Luke loves penguins and literally can pull off anything if he just bites his lip ring because oh my god its so hot. Then there's Calum who just looks like a really big teddy bear. Michael is funny and so charismatic. I think that they could make just about anyone laugh. I Love 5 Seconds of Summer more than life. This is all that needs to be said about the group of boys that have been derping since 2011. asdjasjhfjkhaeiuhla gidjaiohdkjhfaugf auiah fdjshfia hfehjfhdufhdashflhfefi asfihsjfhuehf ashflasuhfl eif haishf liuh fiaeshfua hlfkhelifuhasifh auisheu f hiueashfjdashaf heajf heasiudhfjashi lrfejhrf akjhfiuhae jahuf dkjsa hriuehrfajshrflsauhfaulhs rl ru ah ufhae uif hhfuhef hakf awoerf iwa fhishf aewhrjsh foa soif whfriuahwoufasjfawoierhewio fawe ufioaef ao rfeoijf oahf e r e rfeh iaof hoiawh oidf ioasdjf ashf oof us oiah fiaerfaksh fh iweruauf klah;orueaoeij kfjoi;a uufi sdjf;iewjr oiasjf idf oaisf ae;iof aksjdfo;iew oifh kdshaf sehfio jdsk ienkaws I;fsfhoiehra hs;dfuiakjreiouf jadioa; urejfkajhsirheflakjoi riojaoeirj iwjsrkej rakejja ifj usaije ;riuja ejl arie aew;rujekrf sjd ia sejfas f awhefsn jf ouejkrawhf g;tj a;ehn fh eurj hfhjer iwo fjnr oief ;awr ehneht ajw;flkt hh e ht hate theth hatha;ht;ioeh ethe ;hr tah ht htaht eh that haohth hath ehh th ateah theha the ahhea tehha the haehkhtkiboyx 9gs obugys ogsygos og syog ysosg sog ysoihdkajhrjebks dao; rahfdk ha;ofyaseghkjash...
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