50 Shades of Grey: Whats All the Fuss About? Evaluation Essay

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Fifty Shades of Grey: What's All The Fuss About?
In the book Fifty Shades of Grey innocent Anastasia Steele was getting herself into something that she could have never imagined. Christian Grey, CEO of Grey Enterprises Holdings, Inc, has swept her off her feet with just one look into his smoldering, gray eyes. He has the looks, the mysterious personality, brains, and a secret that Anastasia must explore before she loses him for good. What is Christian's secret? He likes S&M, and practically lives for it. S&M is an acronym for sadomasochism which is known as getting pleasure, usually from sex, involving the infliction of pain. Throughout the book Christian introduces Anastasia to his dark secret. Anastasia must sign a contract agreeing to be his submissive, or someone that agrees to be passive, receiving, and obedient. The author of the book, E. L. James, reveals all of Christian's desires through extremely descriptive sex scenes. Although the book does reveal sexual detail, there still is more that E.L. James wants her audience to know about the story and it's characters. Christian is a torn man, who was brutally burned and beaten as a child. The reader can conclude that Christian uses S&M to exert the pain the he went through on someone else, a submissive. I also think that James reeled her audience in with the diversity of the characters. Anastasia is a twenty one year old independent women, who is fresh out of college, and has never had a boyfriend. She is very timid, shy, and has absolutely no self confidence. In the beginning of the book she is staring at herself in the mirror after getting ready, and Anastasia explains, “I roll my eyes in exasperation and gaze at the pale, brown haired girl with blue eyes too big for her face staring back at me, and give up. My only option is to restrain my wayward hair in a ponytail and hope that I look semi presentable.” On the other hand, Christian, at the age of twenty seven, owns a multi-billion dollar company, is attractive, intimidating, and a complete control freak. When Anastasia is interviewing Christian (for the first time) she asks, “To what do you owe your success?” Christian replies, “Business is all about people, Miss Steele, and I'm very good at judging people. I know how they tick, what makes them flourish, what doesn't, what inspires them, and how to incentivize them.” Clearly you can tell from their examples in dialogue, that Anastasia and Christian are of two different worlds. In James's novel, the opposite characters attract, and learn new things from each other. This is one of the reasons that drew me into the book once I started reading it. I'm sure that other women were the same way when reading the novel. We want to find out how two people, that are so different, could possibly work out in the relationship that James portrays. When Christian meets Anastasia, he has no intention of changing who he is. He wants to treat Anastasia the same way that he did all of the other girls that agreed to sign his contract. But Anastasia is different. She can see right through his dark side, and sees a lost boy in need of love and attention. She does not back down until she unlocks all of Christian's secrets, and shows him how to love. As the couple goes on with the affair, Anastasia learns that she is beautiful and becomes aware of her own dark desires. Christian learns that he has room in his heart to love, and has the strength to reveal to Anastasia, and himself, why he took the path in life that he did. James was also very creative in writing her Fifty Shades of Grey. Anastasia is the character that narrates the novel, and everything is coming from her mind. The audience always knows what she is thinking, and is always left hanging, wondering what Christian might be thinking the whole time. Another way that the author keeps the reader entertained is how Anastasia refers to her “subconscious” and “inner goddess.” The...
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