342 Support Positive Risk Taking For In

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342 Support positive risk taking for individuals

1.1Explain ways in which risk is an integral part of everyday life

Risk is an accepted part of everyday life. Everyone has the right to take risks and make decisions on their own. A balance should be found between service users participation in everyday activities and the carers duty of care. Social care and health policies are encouraging residents to increase their independence by being involved in the wider society such as leisure and work. It is impossible to eliminate risk completely, however minimising and being prepared for risk by preventative action.

Explain why individuals may have been discouraged or prevented from taking risks

People need to take risks to achieve things, but there are people who should be supported and sometimes they have to be discouraged in taking risks because of perceived perceptions of the person’s limitations. You have to realize their limits as they can easily hurt themselves by thinking “yes, I can do this”.

For example I was taking out Mrs B for a coffee and to do some shopping. One day she started to be very unsteady on her legs so I thought it’s not safe for her anymore to walk long distances. After that we still went out to do everything we did before but only with her wheelchair.

1.3Describe the links between risk-taking and responsibility, empowerment and social inclusion

Supporting individuals to take risks to do what they have chosen to do is part of a person centred way of working. This is about asking the person, reading their file and speaking to others about the individual's background, and what their preferences, wishes and needs are. This begins with a focus on who the person is, their gifts and skills. By offering a positive vision of success, the approach can enable people to manage risk.

2.1Explain the process of developing a positive person-centred approach to risk assessment

A person-centred...
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