20 Years

Topics: Elie Wiesel, Best Friends, Dawn Pages: 3 (1120 words) Published: September 14, 2010
Gossip girl here,
your one and only source into the scandalous lives of Herzliah’s elite. Top story on my page: The 2010 graduates 20-year reunion. 
The reunion was held at Hannah Finestone’s house. Surprisingly enough, the first to arrive was Leora Syne. Shortly after, the Shochet Ariel Dahan showed up, providing smoked meat for everyone! 
Once the house was all set up, people gradually made their way in. Jason Schenk and Julianna Sitrit-Libovitch, happily married, arrived in a sweat after having been to their children’s soccer games. Ilana Zackon arrived after, followed by the paparazzi. She had become a worldwide singer and actress appearing in the 20th Twilight movie. The paparazzi failed to get a picture of Ilana because Michelle Rosenstein took her spotlight, stealing all the attention as usual. She showed up hand in hand with sports spokesman Jeremy Rosenberg. Amanda Hayot gave him the cold shoulder as she passed the newly weds. She herself was a fashion designer of vogue and had too much work to focus on her social life.
Everyone was stunned when Tamara Schlesinger walked in, looking like a million bucks, with an Abercrombie model as her date. Although unfortunately, they didn’t make it through the night because he couldn’t reach Tam’s standards. 
AJ Rashkoven, who had become a firefighter, finished all the appetizers before anyone had the chance to eat them. Lara Zini, Bianca Potvin and Ariette Hazan all had a little too much to drink but fell short in comparison to Aaron Cohenca who was found passed out on Hannah’s bedroom floor next to Amy Lazarus. Both were single, and everyone knows, second time’s a charm!
Daniel Fish showed up in a sweat after his flee from jail. He did everything in his power to escape prison, as he’s unable to throw away the opportunity for free shots and beers. However once he arrived, Lior Levi ratted him out and told the police where he was. Speaking of the popo, Daniel Schaefer could not attend because he got stuck in...
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