1800 Literature

Topics: Christopher Columbus, Religion, United States Pages: 3 (1170 words) Published: June 24, 2013
New World, New Cultures, Same Mindset

At the start of American history, everyone was just trying to get it right. In the back of these colonist minds I believe everyone had the same questions like: What was the right religion? Who should have control and who should just be bystanders? The common question, what is with these odd people with that don’t speak our language? “He struggles to reconcile the new “exotic” and unexpected of the Americas with the traditional, desired, and familiar of the European culture and economy”. (Lauter 137) This quote made in the introduction to Christopher Columbus will prove to be a common factor in the writings of other colonist who came to the America for their own purpose. Weather it was finding establishing their place in their religions, trying to fix old ones like Bradford and Winthrop or just simply trying to understand the new world around them like Morton and Williams. These people of history faced began to shape the world as we know it. It all started with Spanish explorer Christopher Columbus who set out from his country Spain to find a new route to India. He stabled upon a new world much different from the world he came from. To his surprise, this new world was not so new because it had its own inhabitants, the natives. These original natives will continue to be the outcast of this new culture that has intruded ton he simple yet complex world as they knew it. The struggle of new religious ideas lead by the divide of the Church of England caused two different types of people the Separatist and the Congressionalist. In our readings it allowed us to compare two people with opposite viewpoints of how things should be done. When it came to the Puritan religion writers like Winthrop and Bradford laid down the foundation and introduced the two main opposing forces. Winthrop, a Congressionalist Puritan, grew up in a wealthy and educated town of Europe. He believed that he could go to the new world and fix the...
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