1776 by David Mccullough Book Summary

Topics: George Washington, Continental Army, American Revolutionary War Pages: 2 (711 words) Published: August 10, 2013
Book Review on: 1776 by David McCullough
The Non-Fiction Historical Book 1776 By David McCullough is a historically accurate and in depth view of The American Revolution; starting from The Battle of Bunker Hill, Boston, Brooklyn, New York, Fort Washington, and ending its Analysis at the Battle of Trenton in 1776. There are many fascinating features, trends, themes, and characteristics used in 1776 that make the book a fluent and enjoyable read. Also the book gives a very detailed and informative account of the battles and military life from the Battle of Boston to the Battle of Trenton. Finally the author, David McCullough, of the book as many other works and experiences that tell the reader why and how 1776 is such a credible source as well as expertly written. 1776 gives an expertly written view by David McCullough and a historical accurate account of The American Revolution’s battles and skirmishes.

The many features, trends, themes, and characteristics are repeated, but only one of two of each really stood out and helped lift up the book. One feature of the book was that the major events were not leaped to skipping the transition stage. The minor events and transitions between, after, and before the battles were not left out or sacrificed in detail. The book made the reader feel as if you were one of the every changing number of soldiers. The important trend happens to be mentioned almost after almost every battle was the mentioning of the state of Washington and what the rest of the counties opinion incorporated as well. A theme that was strongly backed by David McCullough was that George Washington was not a brilliant strategist or was he a without blunders and mistakes, but he had perseverance and showed that he learned from experience. Finally he gave a spirit to the army and was the difference in victory and defeat. Lastly, two characteristics of the book stood out the most. First the amount of detail was wonderful and made the reader become...
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