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Shanghai News
1Shanghai: Student of 21 primary and middle school have been ordered to stop wearing their uniforms on Monday after detection of toxic dyes in their garment.

Shanghai Municipal Bureau of Quality and Technical Supervision in a recent quality inspection campaign detected aromatic amine dye, which can cause cancer. The uniforms produced in July 2012.

Six batches of the company's clothes products were substandard, said the city's quality watchdog. The company has been one of a number of producers of school uniforms in Shanghai for five years.

Education authorities in the Pudong New Area of Shanghai, in a statement, said they have demanded that the 21 schools who had purchased uniforms from Ouxia tell students to stop wearing the clothes, which require quality examination.

The company, which has stopped production, sold 15,000 school uniforms annually.

|South Korean rapper PSY displays a Chinese knot yesterday during a press conference in Shanghai to | |the delight of local TV hostess Chen Chen. Today, PSY is taking part in a recording of Dragon TV's | |Spring Festival variety show, which will be broadcast on February 10, the Chinese New Year. PSY is | |expected to make a spectacular helicopter entrance at the Shanghai Qizhong Tennis Center to perform | |"Gangnam Style," the global pop sensation he made last year, and dance with robots, according to the| |gala director. (Photo/Shanghai Daily) |

On his first trip to Shanghai, South Korean rapper PSY said yesterday he was thrilled at the warm welcome he received from groups of fans Wednesday night at Pudong International Airport and at the Four Seasons Hotel Pudong.

He greeted them by saying "happy new year'' in Chinese. 

"I have been in the entertainment industry for 12 years," said the 36-year-old. "People used to love handsome guys. I guess now they may have changed their taste," he quipped.

The star, whose novelty song "Gangnam Style" became a global pop sensation last year, will take part today in the recording of Dragon TV's Spring Festival gala.

PSY is expected to make a spectacular helicopter entrance at the Shanghai Qizhong Tennis Center to perform "Gangnam Style," dancing with robots. He also will sing "Champion," another of his hits, according to Hou Jie, director of the gala.

During the gala, PSY will perform with Taiwanese model and actress Lin Chi-ling and mainland comedy star Huang Bo, teaching them his famous horse-riding dance. The gala will air on television at 7:30pm on February 10.

Tonight he will attend a sold-out new year's party at Bund 18 before heading to Nanjing for more events.

PSY also said yesterday that the overwhelming success of "Gangnam Style," which became the top video on YouTube with more than 1 billion views, has created pressure to come up with something new that's just as good.

"It cost 15 members of our team around a month to design the horse-riding dance," he said.

"We didn't expect it to be such a hit. The popularity of the video also brings us more pressure as we have to present a more creative and energetic dance move in my new album which is slated to be released in April."


China News
1. Gasgoo.com (Shanghai February 25) - The National Development and Reform Commission announced that it has raised the prices of automobile fuel and diesel by 300 yuan ($47.77) and 290 yuan ($46.18), Xinhua reported today. According to estimations, the retail per-liter prices of 90 octane fuel and zero octane diesel fuel will increase by 0.22 yuan ($0.035) and 0.25 yuan ($0.039), respectively. This decision marks the first time this year that fuel prices have been raised in China, and comes three months after the last pricing adjustment. According to outlined standards, domestic fuel prices should be adjusted when the average pure oil price on the international market fluctuate over four percent...
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