“Mrs. Doubtfire” Summary

Topics: Mrs. Doubtfire, Harvey Fierstein Pages: 2 (679 words) Published: May 14, 2013
Daniel Hillard is a talented actor who specializes in dubbing voices for cartoon characters. Unfortunately he is unlucky in his career: he is constantly underemployed. Daniel is a kind man and he absolutely adores his three wonderful children: reasonable Lydia, sporty Chris and little charming Natalie. His wife Miranda isn’t satisfied in their marriage because she has to provide for her family, manage the household and bring up the children almost without any help of her husband. She considers Daniel irresponsible, light-headed person who doesn’t capable of taking care of family and understand her at all. After Daniel throws a birthday party for Chris with sheep, goats and other cattle right in their house so it gets upside-down Miranda realizes that it was the last straw and that divorce is the only way out. After the divorce judge awards custody of the children to Miranda. Daniel was given trial period to find good stable job and create suitable home for raising children. Court allows to have time with children only one day a week on Saturday. Also every week during that period he will be visited by social worker Mrs. Sellner who will check his progress. Daniel is desperate and very depressed because he can’t live a day without his children so he trying to find the way to spend more time with them. Soon he learns that Miranda wants to hire housekeeper and he decides to pretend that one. His brother Frank who is a costume designer disguises him like an old British woman who is experienced housekeeper. Daniel named her Mrs. Doubtfire. Miranda was captured by Mrs. Doubtfire since their first talk so she hires her immediately. First day of that job isn’t perfect: there are some fails with cooking but all family was satisfied her work. Moreover in that day he manages to fool social worker pretending Daniel’s elder sister. Thanks to Mrs. Doubtfire Daniel learns many in cooking, keeping house, taking care of his children but most importantly that it helps understand...
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