World War Ii

Topics: Attack on Pearl Harbor, World War II, Battle of Midway Pages: 3 (795 words) Published: August 1, 2013
Notes 32.2 Japan’s Pacific Campaign (page 931)
1) Setting the Stage
i) Japan, like Germany, sought to have an empire too, they took over Manchuria, and Northern China. ii) Then they went into the heartland of China and expected a quick victory, but when the resistance was stronger than they expected, and the war dragged on, their economy was under stress iii) They looked south toward European colonies of Southeast Asia 2) Surprise Attack on Pearl Harbor

iv) Americans cracked the Japanese code and were aware on invasion plans into southeast asia v) The u.s. worried about their colonies and thus sent aid to the resistance, then when the Japanese proceeded to take over Indochina, Vietnam, Cambodia, and Laos, Roosevelt cut off oil shipments vi) They planned a surprise attack against the Euro colonial powers, and the U.S. vii) Isoroku Yamamoto decided that Hawaii was a dagger in Japans throat and must be destroyed a) Day of Infamy

viii) Japan attacked Pearl harbor, the U.S. knew something would happen but not where or when ix) They sunk 19 ships, killed 2300, wounded 1100, and the news stunned americans x) Roosevelt then addressed congress and said that it was “a date which will live in infamy,” Congress then accepted his request for war. xi) At the same time, they attacked British Hong Kong, Guam and Wake, and invaded Thailand 3) Japanese Victories

xii) Guam and Wake fell quickly to Japanese forces because they were lightly armed xiii) They also invaded the Philippines, U.S. forces took up a defensive position on the Bataan peninsula, and the government wen to Corrigor. xiv) After a tough fight, the Japanese finally took the Philippines xv) They also invaded Malaya after Hong Kong and took Singapore, then Indonesia (Dutch East Indies), Java, Sumatra, Borneo, Celebes xvi) The moved west, taking Burma, and...
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