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Trigger 12 - Drug in Sport (PHC650)
WADA rips Britain for pursuing doping appeal

LONDON (AP) -- The World Anti-Doping Agency accused Britain's national Olympic body Tuesday of "wasting a lot of time and money" in its failed attempt to uphold lifetime Olympic bans for drug offenders.WADA director general David Howman said the British Olympic Association should have dropped its rule months ago and was wrong to fall out of line with the rest of the world in the first place.The BOA took the case to the Court of Arbitration for Sport, which ruled Monday that the British bylaw was invalid because it amounted to an extra sanction and failed to comply with WADA's global code."At the end of the day, they have wasted a lot of time and a lot of money and got the inevitable result," Howman said in a conference call.The CAS decision cleared the way for British sprinter Dwain Chambers and cyclist David Millar, who served two-year doping bans, to be eligible for selection for the London Olympics.Howman said the BOA has until May 18 to revoke its rule or face being reported to the International Olympic Committee for remaining "noncompliant" with the code.The CAS ruling was in line with its decision in October, when it threw out an International Olympic Committee rule that barred athletes who had received doping bans of more than six months from competing in the next games.In both rulings, CAS said the Olympic bans represented a second sanction and violated the WADA code. Source: Sports Illustrated 2012

1. Describe WADA’s mission, vision and key activities.
2. What is World Anti-Doping Code?
3. Describe WADA’s eight strategic plan.
4. What is WADA’s prohibited list?
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