The Effects of Using Information and Communication Technologies

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Chapter 6: The effects of using ICT

Hacking: Using a computer to gain unauthorized access to data in a system (malicious intent). Exp: Nokia hacked by Kevin Mitnick, hacking into email accounts

Software Copyright: Certain portions of software that are licensed. Protects others from copying it without the owner’s permission. Exp: Torrent (illegally download films), Jail Break

Encryption: Scrambling data/information into an unrecognized format. Exp: Used when sending a private message, to protect sensitive data

Ergonomic: User-friendly

Effects of ICT
Information is available to everyone → Positive and negative effects Provides overall communication/education method
Organizes our lives

Social Effects of ICT:
Computer power has become cheap
Employment Effects – The way work is carried out. People loss jobs and were replaced by machines → Increased unemployment Example: Manufacturing: automated production lines, computer-controlled robots → Computers can run day and night, don’t need to be paid, reaps long term financial benefits → However, new jobs were created, as skilled people were needed to maintain the computers. People who lost their jobs could retrain and become IT Technicians, Computer Programmers, etc. Computerize the Workplace? Computers would be very useful for repetitive, menial tasks. People can also work from home – but they have to work longer hours (check emails during vacations)

Device Effects on Daily Life:
Microprocessor-Controlled Devices in the Home: A small central processing unit built into a single ‘chip’ Free up time and does repetitive tasks
Found in everyday devices in our homes
Idea of smartcards: Chips that can store information
Used in entertainment/labor-saving devices
Device Effects on Us: Amount of time spent using computers = Amount of time spent sleeping Every minute in every single day

Health Effects of ICT (personal):
Our bodies
Repetitive Strain Injury (RSI):
Caused by repetitive movement → Using something too much/Overuse Ususally in the wrist
Eye Strains:
Become tired, headaches
Can be solved by taking breaks/intervals
Back Strains:
Bad sitting posture

Safety Issues
- Things that are hazardous/dangerous in the environment
- Trailing cables, makes people trip; Solution: Place cables inside cable ducts/under carpet/flooring - Spilt drinks or food, damage equipment, electric shock; Solution: Keep drinks and food away from computers - Heavy objects falling, fall on people's foot; Solution: Make sure equipment is placed on strong tables/shelves - Overloaded power sockets, plugging too many power cables into a socket; Solution: Don't overload sockets, and have fire extinguishers nearby

Hacking and Hackers
Hacking: breaking into a computer system
- Hackers hack out of curiosity/just because they can/to access data that has value (exp.: financial information) - Identity theft: Posing as someone else
To protect against hackers:
- Use strong passwords
- Don't reveal your login password
- Place firewall between your computer and any network
- Disconnect from networks when you are not using them
- Encrypt sensitive information

Malware and Viruses
Malware (Malicious Software): Software that could harm a computer system/interfere with user's data/make the computer perform actions without the owner's knowledge or permission Trojan Horse: Installing software that looks safe but actually has malware hidden inside Viruses: a program designed to cause harm to a computer

- Can install itself into a computer without the users knowledge or permission - Install spyware (software that watches what you do with your computer) - Install software that gives someone remote control of your computer (turning it into a 'software') To protect against viruses:

- Install anti-virus software and keep it up-to-date
- Install anti-malware software
- Download software from a source you can't trust
- Don't open suspicious email/websites
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