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1. Discuss the history and development of telecommunication in the US and in the Philippines. *In the US
The first telecommunication recorded was in Africa, the Americas and some parts of Asia where smoke signals were used to communicate. Alexander the Great also used this type of communication in a war in 320 BC. Then in 1792, the first fixed semaphore systems or visual telegraphy emerged in Europe with the help of Claude Chappe but semaphore systems needed skilled operators and expensive towers often at intervals of ten to thirty kilometers so the last commercial line was abandoned in 1880 and in the 1830s, the electrical communication started to appear. There were many people who experimented in electrical telegraphy. Some of which were the German, Samuel Thomas von Sömmering (1809) who based his work in Salva Campillo’s robust design (1804), the British internationals, Sir Charles Wheatstone and Sir William Fothergill Cooke (1839) who viewed their device as "an improvement to the [existing] electromagnetic telegraph" not as a new device, Samuel Morse who independently developed a version of the electrical telegraph that he unsuccessfully demonstrated on 2 September 1837 and was joined after by Alfred Vail who developed the register — a telegraph terminal that integrated a logging device for recording messages to paper tape. On the 27th of July, 1866, she first successful transatlantic telegraph cable was completed. This allowed the telecommunication for the first time. Earlier transatlantic cables installed in 1857 and 1858 only operated for a few days or weeks before they failed. Then in the 1870s, Elisha Grey and Alexander Graham Bell both independently designed devices that electrically transmit speech which is the telephone. Alexander Graham Bell, who first invented the telephone and Elisha Gray entered into a famous legal battle over the invention of the telephone, which Bell won. On March 10, 1876, Bell's greatest success was achieved which marked not only the birth of the telephone but the death of the multiple telegraph as well. "Mr. Watson -- come here -- I want to see you.“ were the famous first words of Alexander Graham Bell to his assistant, Thomas A. Watson while speaking through the instrument. This was written in a notebook dated 10 March, 1876 where Bell also described his successful experiment with the telephone.

The AT&T Corp., formerly known as the American Telephone and Telegraph Corporation, is as old as the telephone itself. The company became AT&T in 1875, in an arrangement among inventor Alexander Graham Bell and financers, Gardiner Hubbard and Thomas Sanders. In 1878, the first telephone exchange, operating under license from Bell Telephone, opened in New Haven, CT. Transcontinental telephony was made possible with the first practical electrical amplifiers, devised at AT&T in 1913. The history of AT&T is in large measure the history of the telephone in the United States. AT&T became the parent company of the Bell System during the 19th century. The Bell System provided what was by all accounts the best telephone service in the world. In 1984, the system broke up into eight companies by agreement between AT&T and the U.S. Department of Justice. From 1984 until 1996, AT&T was an integrated telecommunications services and equipment company, succeeding in a newly competitive environment. AT&T is a global networking leader, focused on delivering IP-based solutions to enterprise and government customers today. The company continues to offer consumers and small businesses a breakthrough alternative to traditional services – Voice over IP –as AT&T pivots away from traditional consumer services. Article Sources: Lecture in Telecommunications by Mr. Rehuel Nikolai Soriano

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