Syllabus Introduction of Financial Management

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Introduction to Financial Management Course Syllabus

First Semester 2010-2011

GENERAL INFORMATION: Lecturer: Dr. Nguyen Thu Hien Class schedule: Wednesdays (9.05 – 11.30am) E-mail: (please use subject “FIN” to avoid ignorance of your emails due to high spam rate in my inbox) TA: Tu n Duy:; Cell: 0908 665 388 Number of credits: 3 Prerequisite: Principles of Accounting Text book: Ebook - Fundamentals of Corporate Finance - 6th ed., Stephen A.Ross, Randolph W.Westerfield, and Bradford D. Jordan, 2004, McGraw Hill (available in hard and soft copy) Materials: Provided through email account: (pw “finance123”) Recommended readings: The textbook’s website: Choose “Finance Tutor Series” for your practices. Principles of Managerial Finance, Lawrence J. Gitman, 10th ed., 2003 (ebook) COURSE DESCRIPTION: Finance is always the value drive of every business entity in an economy. Financial management is therefore one of the central tasks of business administrators. This course is designed as an introduction to finance, which will provide fundamental concepts and skills to perform major financial decisions in a corporation, including investing, financing and working capital management decisions. COURSE CONTENTS: This course provides basic concepts of the time value of money, valuation and rates of return, cost of capital and capital budgeting. Students will learn about how capital markets function, about different types of securities and financing instruments that exist, and about how to manage cash flows. Also, risk, working capital management, leverage, forecasting, and the analysis of financial statements and ratios are given with particular attention. This course should provide students with basic financial math skills and an excellent introduction to financial management concepts.

Dr. Nguyen Thu Hien


Introduction to Financial Management Course Syllabus

First Semester 2010-2011

COURSE OBJECTIVES: Upon the successful completion of this course, you will be able to: • Explain the purpose, goals, and importance of financial management; • Do financial analysis to evaluate firm’s financial health; • Know time value of money concept, effective annual rate, and annual percentage rates; • Know how to value securities, including bonds, common and preferred stocks; • Evaluate capital budgeting alternatives, using the net present value, internal rate of return and pay back techniques; • Apply the concepts of operating and financial leverage in making financing decisions; • Derive the weighted average cost of capital of a corporation and optimal capital structure; • Improve the corporate working capital practices through cash and current asset management; • Evaluate the effectiveness of short-term financing alternatives; COURSE POLICIES: Attendance: Class Attendance is Mandatory. Students without full attendance will be purnished by deducting scores off the final grade. Roll will be taken by random quizzes at times of classes. Students are expected to have the reading assignments for that day completed. Beepers, cell phones, and pagers need to be turned off before entering the classroom. E-mail: I will check e-mail every weekday morning. I rarely check e-mail on weekends. COURSE GRADE: The final grade is from: A) Quiz: 10% (individual) B) Group work: 20% (Financial analysis Project) C) Mid-term exam: 30% D) Final Exam: 40% Specific requirements: Individual Quiz: Quiz is to help you process the concepts and to further develop your critical thinking skills. Quiz will be given in every class with multiple choices. You will need to use concepts, tools, and information from both the lecture and textbook to complete the quiz correctly. Group projects: You are required to form groups of 3 to 4 students...
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