stragic information system assingment

Topics: Management, Strategic management, Information Pages: 2 (390 words) Published: October 11, 2013


MODULE TITLE/Strategic Information System

COURSE(S) – (leading to):MSc IT

SEMESTER:August – November 2013

1.Module Description
This subject requires students to stand back from the technicalities of information systems and look at the field in a broader way. It attempts to give students a business awareness so they can determine how best to align technology with business needs.

2.Learning Outcomes:
On successful completion of the module, the student will be able to: •Understand the need for, and methods of, strategic planning. •Select appropriate tools and techniques for the strategic planning of a corporation’s information system. •Discuss the nature, integration and use of the various forms of information systems within the corporate setting. •Discuss the alignment of a corporation’s information system with their business strategies. •Make informed comment on the societal issues raised by information management.

SIM Assignment
THIS ASSIGNMENT IS 30 % OF YOUR OVERALL ASSESSMENT AND AN INDIVIDUAL REPORT Consider a successful Business organization in the UK or in a country of your choice. For this organization, you are required to do the following-: •Analyze the goals and objectives using the mission statement as the basis. •Critically evaluate the strengths and weaknesses, taking into consideration all the environmental factors. •Recommend a strategic model for the organization. Justify the choice of the model. •Identify the key performance indicators to measure the performance and hence the information requirements for the various managerial decision making levels. •Establishing the information requirements and assess Information Systems which would give a competitive edge to this organization. You may also include information systems that enhance the Customer Relations Management. Assignment Focus

1) Strategic Role - Identify / Analyse:
The mission statement of the company
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