States of Consciousness

Topics: Consciousness, Mind, Unconscious mind Pages: 2 (303 words) Published: August 24, 2013
States of Consciousness

What is a “State of Consciousness”
* A pattern of subjective experience, and a way of explaining internal and external events in our lives * The various states of consciousness that we all experience * In between wakefulness and sleep

* Times of day when we daydream

Forms of Consciousness
* Subjective/private - no one knows what reality is like for anyone else - every human creature is constituted to be able profound and secret mystery to every other * Dynamic - We drift in/out of various states all the time * Self-Reflective - the mind is aware of its own consciousness - your brain reflects on the fact that “you” are conscious

Conscious and Unconscious Mind
* Cognitive penises - reject Freud
* There is no unconscious mind driven by repressed emotions and instinctive urges (Freud’s Id) * The unconscious mind is
* A support service
* Works in harmony with our conscious mind

Controlled vs. Automatic Processing
* Controlled Processing - when you do something deliberate (eg. study, decide to do something, etc.) * Automatic Processing - something we have done so often we think very little about it (typing, driving, using utensils) * Drawbacks - prevents us considering new ways of doing something * Benefits - faster, quicker response time; doing two things at once (eating and talking - known as divided attention) * Problem - divided attention can be a drawback (accident rates increase 3-4 with talking on a cell and driving) Emotional Unconscious

* Our moods are affected by the environment - often in ways we don’t perceive * University experiment - students subjected to word that are * Strongly negative - cancer
* mildly negative (monday
* Mildly positive - parade
* Strongly positive - friends
* Asked to rate their mood afterwards
* Those who experience negative words had a less positive mood...
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