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Topics: Robot, Robotics, Humanoid robot Pages: 2 (518 words) Published: July 22, 2013
Arif BAŞARAN 1673714

SPEECH ANALYSIS REPORT This report aims to provide a speech analysis of robotics designer Dr. David Hanson’s presentation which is delivered in 2009. The topic of the presentation is concerned with robots that relate to human-beings. The purpose is to inform the audience on the new developments of robotics technology and humanoid robots. If the overall speech is mentioned, I believe that the subject is very interesting and the presenter used this advantage effectively. While analyzing the speech, I will comment on the content, the practice prior to delivery and usage of visual aids. Then I will also describe weaknesses and the strengths of the presentation. In the last part of this report, I will explain what I have learnt from the presenter’s performance and its future implications. To begin with, David Hanson started his presentation by describing humanoid robots as robots with characters. And then he tried to clarify the latest studies and developments of this technology. To support his idea of empathy in robotics, he used a humanoid robot to show the audience how he can understand the facial expressions.. I think this was the most attractive part of the presentation.The way the presenter used to support his ideas was very successful. On the other hand, the presenter was talking too fast to be understood for such a hard topic. Therefore, need of transitions and signposts got more important for clarification.However,just a few of them was used.I believe that this is one of the weaknesses of the speech. In addition, there wasn’t any conclusion part to help the audience analyze what was talked during whole speech. Secondly, I think the self-confident and humorous personality of the presenter made the speech impressive. Hence, I can say that the physical and vocal delivery was good. Finally, the presenter got use of visual aids a lot. As I have mentioned before, even while showing slides, the usage of signposts was very

weak. Except the...
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