Salt Marsh Notes

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i. scientific - I think that scientifically building this on the salt marsh is unacceptable. We know that there are thousands of organisms inhabiting it, and they`d all be destroyed during the process. The benifits are endless of a salt marsh, but include the fact that it is protecting us from possible floods, seeing as we live beside the ocean, and a river. Filtering our water, and like I mentioned, it`s home to many organisms.

ii.économique - Economically the benifits of this project are outweighing the negatives. It`d likely not cost a whole lot to perform the `fill in,` and we`re also getting rid of extra coal waste on top of that at the same time!

iii.politique - This operation is capable of making hundreds of jobs in our dying town. We need to think about what is more important, the organisms, or us humans. The chances of a flood are realistically slim, and the chances of us being able to recover from a flood are high.

The impacts that destroying the saltmarsh in anyville are undoubtedly mortifying. The town we`re in has not only a river, but it is coastal. These factors are opening a wide possibility of flooding, and the salt marsh could be our protection. If the tides were to rise, or another form of flooding, the new factory would just be ruined, making us lose all the money we used not only for the ``fill in,`` but also the money used to build the factory. Another factor to consider is filling in a wetland with coal, is heavily polluting the environment. Many plant species use these conditions to survive, and won`t be able to live without them. The wetland also naturally filters our water for us, removing extra nutrients, and pollution, which is a very good thing. We know that salt marshes are populated by different species of flora and fauna. These species would almost certainly be completely wiped out during the process. If these species are the basis for life in a salt marsh, us destroying them ensures that the salt marsh can...
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