Roles of an Operations Manager

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An operations manager typically ensures smooth operations of various processes that contribute to the production of goods and services. While other employees can specialize and focus on other operational areas, the operations manager tends to work under every department within the firm.

Globalization has increased the roles of an operations manager, due to an intense increase of competition amongst organizations. The fulfillment and challenges that come with this position makes it difficult to co-ordinate activities, as the manager may not be a specialist. However, the manager is expected to do well in each and every role, which develops more challenges and makes this position a very challenging one within a large industry.

The following are the broad roles and responsibilities of an operations manager.

Logistics Management
The operations manage must ensure that the machinery and equipment used have the ability to produce goods and services for customers at an acceptable standard.
The operations manager also coordinates with the quality assurance personnel to ensure that the goods meet the customer’s preference and generates positive feedback from the clients. The manager may interact with employees, prepare reports on the current condition of logistics and decide on the next course of action.

Budget Management
The operations manager may obtain the requirement for logistics and also coordinate with the finance department to obtain the necessary approval for the budget.
The manager ensures equipment with high quality is procured within the budget.

Operational Strategizing
The operations manager also plays a key role in making the operational policy. For example, the operations manager could determine the type of equipment needed to fulfill the organization quality policy. The manager could also formulate suggestions on how to make efficient use of resources within the organization. Manage Support Services

Each support service has its...
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