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Research Presentation; Examining the Importance of Non-Irish Inflences in James Joyce's 'The Sisters'

By sbu1234 Jan 13, 2014 264 Words
“Ancient Ireland is dead just as ancient Egypt is
Examining the importance of non-Irish influences
in James Joyce's The Sisters


Susan Swartzlander on 'James Joyce's “The
Sisters”: Chalices, Ptolemaic Memphis and
Victorian Dublin' (p. 295)
'Joyce peppers his story with allusions to the
world Ebers recaptures'
'Joyce delighted in weaving together..Eastern
philosophy, religion and politics'
Just how much of an influence do other
cultures have on Joyce's work?

Outline of what the essay will do

Explore the use of symbols in The Sisters
which may share similarities with texts from
other cultures
Examine the language used. Are there
references to other works and/or other
Look at Joyce's personal affiliation with nonIrish and non-British teachings My case: how have cultures from far and wide
made an impression on Joyce's work

Symbols from other cultures

The influence Georg Ebers' work has had on
Joyce and how its used in Joyce's work

Similarities between Ebers' and Joyce's works

Same values; a feeling of discontent

Joyce's life abroad

Lived in Trieste, Zurich and Paris

Never returned to Dublin after 1912

Still lived in Ireland when wrote piece

Influence on language

Words used are similar to Ebers
How common are/were these words in every
day situations?
How does Joyce make them relevant to his


Gorman, Herbert Sherman, 'James Joyce: A
Definitive B iography (1941)
Hart, Clive, 'James Joyce's Dubliners: Critical
Essay', (2008)
Swartzlander, Susan, 'James Joyce's “The
Sister”: Chalices and Umbrellas, Ptolemaic
Memphis and Victorian Dublin



300 words

Symbols from other cultures

800 words

Joyce's love of literature

450 words

Influence on language

650 words


300 words

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